2004.03.16~Why Have a Building Fund?

Financial Newsletter – February 2004 Issue 2

Why Have a Building Fund?
by Dana Zerger

I want to share with you about our Building Fund.  So many times we come to church and expect the place where we meet, the songs, the sermon, just everything to be ready for us with no effort on our part.  But, for those who work hard to prepare for us, we know that the time is close when we need a place to meet that is our own.  Recognizing this means it is now time for all of us at ECIUMC to prepare!

You know, when the Israelites were in the desert God gave them a plan for the Tabernacle, but they prepared by bringing in the things they had, such as gold and other things, so they would be ready to make the Tabernacle when the time came.  David also arranged for goods to be gathered when he prepared to build the first Temple for God in Jerusalem.  So, we need to get ready!  Ask God to show you how you can help.  Some are already asking and doing what God shows them, for instance; one lady is giving haircuts and donating the proceeds, the profit from the Chartering CD’s went to the Building Fund, etc.

There are several things we need to do:
1.  Pray for our Leaders; That they would have God’s wisdom in planning.
2.  Pray for favor in obtaining land or a building for our Church.
3.  Pray that God will show you how to help, and then do it!
4.  Give your time and money to see that it happens.
5.  Encourage friends to be a part of the Church and the building project.
6.  Thank the Lord! He gives us the power and ability to get wealth and He will show us how and when to build or buy.

God bless you.