2004.03.16~Why Have a Building Fund?

Financial Newsletter – February 2004 Issue 2

Why Have a Building Fund?
by Dana Zerger

I want to share with you about our Building Fund.  So many times we come to church and expect the place where we meet, the songs, the sermon, just everything to be ready for us with no effort on our part.  But, for those who work hard to prepare for us, we know that the time is close when we need a place to meet that is our own.  Recognizing this means it is now time for all of us at ECIUMC to prepare!

You know, when the Israelites were in the desert God gave them a plan for the Tabernacle, but they prepared by bringing in the things they had, such as gold and other things, so they would be ready to make the Tabernacle when the time came.  David also arranged for goods to be gathered when he prepared to build the first Temple for God in Jerusalem.  So, we need to get ready!  Ask God to show you how you can help.  Some are already asking and doing what God shows them, for instance; one lady is giving haircuts and donating the proceeds, the profit from the Chartering CD’s went to the Building Fund, etc.

There are several things we need to do:
1.  Pray for our Leaders; That they would have God’s wisdom in planning.
2.  Pray for favor in obtaining land or a building for our Church.
3.  Pray that God will show you how to help, and then do it!
4.  Give your time and money to see that it happens.
5.  Encourage friends to be a part of the Church and the building project.
6.  Thank the Lord! He gives us the power and ability to get wealth and He will show us how and when to build or buy.

God bless you.


Financial Newsletter 財務通訊 – February 2004 Issue 2

by Dana Zerger (王福霞 譯)



1. 為教會的領袖來禱告,使他們有神所賜的聰明智慧來籌劃建堂。
2. 向神禱告,求神保守我們可以為教會找到合宜的地皮或是建築物。
3. 向神禱告,求神告訴我們如何可以參與這項事工,並付諸行動﹗
4. 和神同工﹗奉獻我們的時間和金錢,並看神如何在其中作奇妙的事。
5. 邀請並鼓勵我們的朋友們成為教會和建堂事工的一分子。
6. 時常感謝神﹗是他賜給我們權柄和能力來為建堂籌款。他也要指教我們當在何時何地並如何來建堂。


2003.10.19~ECIUMC Chartering on October 19, 2003

The Chinese Fellowship in Edmond will charter as a United Methodist Church on October 19, 2003 at 4 p.m., says Craig Stinson, superintendent of the Oklahoma City North District.

The chartering service will be in the Christian Life Center of First United Methodist Church at 305 E. Hurd in Edmond, where the Chinese Fellowship has been meeting for several years.

Charles Nordean, pastor of Edmond-First, says the close working arrangement between Edmond-First and the Chinese Fellowship has been mutually enriching. “We are pleased to be their partners in ministry,” Rev. Nordean said.

Edmond-First is leasing space to the new congregation.

Rev. Puong Lau-appointed to the campus ministry at the University of Central Oklahoma nine years ago-is the founding pastor.

The new church will be named Edmond Chinese International United Methodist Church. As the name suggests, in addition to reaching out to Chinese in the area, the church attracts many people from other Asian backgrounds, says Rev. Lau.

Attendance now averages over 100.

David Severe, Oklahoma Conference Director of Congregational Development, says Congregational Development has been pleased to provide funding over the years to assist the developing congregation. “We will continue to give them support as they emerge as a fully constituted church,” Dr. Severe said.

Severe says there are several chartered Chinese United Methodist churches on the east and west coast, but he believes the new church in Edmond is the only one in the south central United States.

2003.10.16~The Old and New Web Site 2003

Our old web site, www.umcm.org, was started late year 2000 and we have about 1600+ visitors visited our old web site.

As we chartered on October 19, 2003, we changed our name from United Methodist Chinese Ministry (UMCM) to Edmond Chinese International United Methodist Church (ECIUMC). We are retiring our old web site.

Please change your bookmarks/Favorites to our new web site, www.eciumc.org. Our old web site, www.umcm.org, and old e-mail addresses will be cut off on May 6, 2004.

We would like to give special thanks to our UMCM Webmaster, Wei-Chung, for his support of our web site. Thank you Wei-Chung!

We hope our new web site will serve you better!

God Bless You and Your Family!